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All about the "The Hague Method" for Security Management

about THM

THM Security Management is offered as a course.

It is the english language adapted version of a well known Dutch security management method, developed and used since the mid 1990's.

THM is a comprehensive management method. It covers all security relevant aspects: from security policy to the implementation of security measures including quality control. It also provides a common "security language" (see THM Circle) for all involved in security matters.

The Dutch security management method is known and used successfully by more than 4000 people,

THM or its components are widely used by government departments (e.g. defense, justice, police) and industry (e.g. nuclear, chemical, security). 

The method is also used and/or advised by corporate security officers and security consultants.

Main components of THM are: the Internal Security Audit (ISA) with timelines based analysis tool, the Regular Inspection Schedule (RIS) and the Security Information Package (SIP).

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Online THM

Yes you can take the THM course completely online.

When all conditions are met the course material (complete or in parts) will be sent to you via

e-mail and/or the WeTransfer service.

In-company THM

 THM can be followed by a group of people, at your business location, a location of your choice or real-time online.

 Conditions and requirements to be agreed upon.

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Robert (Bob) Ch. Ackx LL.M. MSec                Hubert (Bert) C.A. Duijndam eng. MSec

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